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Want a Modern Corporate Boardroom Interior?

Creating the wow factor; it’s what makes or breaks presentations, meetings, conferences and big decisions. Take this case in point:

In late 2008 there was a meeting held at the SUNY (State University of New York) Optometry building overlooking 42nd street and Bryant Park in the heart of New York City. Nicholas Rostow , then-Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs for SUNY, made arrangements for a delegation to meet in a large executive boardroom on the far corner of his floor. His guests were used to doing business in destinations such as Washington, London, Tokyo and Shanghai. They had frequented New York office buildings before, but today would offer something different. Read more…

Surround Yourself With Sound

Mutliroom AudioThe most modern households in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area are now featuring home theater units where less is seen and more is enjoyed.

Having big, bulky hardware and wires creating a mess looks unprofessional and outdated. Having wires laying around could also be dangerous either from tripping or a fire hazard.

Hearing vibrant, moving sounds without seeing the old-style boxy speakers they come from can make home theater use infinitely more enjoyable.
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Get Noticed and Grow Your Business with Digital Signage

Digital SignsYour customers are busy, and passers-by are probably even busier. What will you do to get their attention? Have someone dressed up in a giant chicken costume standing near a major intersection? Pay for a big billboard along the New Jersey Turnpike?

Digital Signage provides you with an advantage that cannot be ignored: eye-catching ability!

People need to make quick decisions on where to shop for different products, and in the New York-New Jersey tri-state area they have more than enough retail and food centers as well as Read more…

Automated Shades Keep You in Control

Automatic Window TreatmentsSaving money while setting the temperature and atmosphere in your home is made much easier by installing automated shades. Here’s what they will allow you to do:

Go Eco-Friendly

In October 2010 Bridgewater, New Jersey unveiled a new $23.9 million green municipal complex. This was one of the first LEED certified municipal buildings in the state. Read more…

Do You have Loud Talkers at Work?

Sound Masking, Speech Privacy, Noise Reduction, Sound CancellationWorkplaces aren’t what they once were…even judging by sound alone. Green design elements and the need to optimize space all came about ahead of the recession, but reductions in average cubicle space, partition height and usage of walls created an unintended problem: letting sound travel further.

Noise reduction is very important. When the noise level at work is a little too loud, chances are one of two things are happening. Either somebody’s having a good time chatting or taking a break or somebody is flat-out fuming mad. In either scenario everyone who can hear them has been distracted to some degree and the office is less productive as a result.
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What’s are good Home Theater Room Dimensions?

Home theater room dimensionsSelecting a home theater room is going to be the easy part – if you take the right things into consideration. Imagine that perfect setting for your home theater. You have the thought down, but there’s work to do. The first step is to determine how many people you intend to have over for a show, game or movie.

1. It’s best to base your home theater dimensions on who will use it. Just think of buying a car – a bigger family needs more seats and storage while singles can cruise around in two-seaters.
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Best Home Theater Sound Tips

Home Theater Sound

Home theater sound can be overlooked when designing the right feel to your designated movie room. But the eye-popping action deserves great energy to boot. The lights, graphics, and colors are appealing but sound drives the senses mad. Just imagine a home theater designed with acoustics in mind.
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Home Automation Offers Integration and Protection

It’s hard to get anywhere on time in the New York metro region and just about any other area with big commuter populations like Washington and Boston. When you head home after a long day, the last thing on your mind is a one-hour delay and the frustrations that can lead to – no way you should miss a favorite show or wait to start a project.

Luckily home automation can assist not only when such a situation arises, but to prevent worse things from happening. Here’s two reasons to help yourself by setting up for home automation.

home automation system
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For Lower Cost and Better Collaboration, Consider Video Conferencing

Whether an associate far away wants to see something up close or you need to see a perspective employee’s portfolio and ask them a couple questions, a video conference meeting will be the most innovative solution. With Video Conferencing, you get a clear cost-reducing solution that provides meeting and presentation solutions to small businesses, big businesses, their employees and potential partners or clients.

Video Conferencing technology

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10 Awesome Reasons to have a Home Theater

1. Endless Options. Enjoying the comforts of home can be more fun. With today’s blue ray, 3-D, dvd, cable, or satellite you can watch nearly everything you want to right at home. You decide, put it on your screen and watch things your way.

2. Go far without going out. With a home theater the action comes to life and keeps you on the edge of your couch, bed or dining table. Bring all the entertainment in without hitting busy roads and spending gas, time and effort.
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