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Multi Room/Whole House Audio System

Multi Room Audio

Imagine high-quality audio from any room in your house with the touch of a button. American Hi-Res offers Multi-Room Audio and Whole House Music System design and installation to deliver premium sound quality throughout the entire house.

Multi-Room Audio for the Family

Long gone are the days of mediocre home audio quality or in-house location restrictions. Move throughout your home and have your music follow and add a spark to your day as you get ready in the morning or if performing chores.

Want to listen to the big game but donít want to miss out on a beautiful afternoon with the kids in the yard? With this Multi-Room Audio system, you can do both. Keep the family happy and together in one room by appeasing everyoneís audio desires.

American Hi-Res offers an array of options including discreet In-Wall, In-Ceiling and Outdoor speakers that let you easily access to:

  • iTunes
  • XM
  • Sirius
  • Internet Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • FM

from anywhere in or around your New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut home.

Benefit and Convenience of Multi-Room Audio Systems

The convenience of a multi room audio system goes beyond luxury and into practicality. Now your hectic morning routine won’t make you miss a beat. Listen to your favorite radio station while getting dressed and let it follow you to the kitchen for breakfast. Or keep your iPod safe and dry in your bedroom while listening to music in the shower.

Audio Quality throughout Your Home

An American Hi-Res Multi-Room Audio system is easy to use and doesnít expect you to sacrifice quality from room to room. Your main audio source is distributed throughout the house at uncompressed levels, which means youíll hear the same excellent sound no matter where you are.

Eliminate the hassle of moving wires around the house, leave the computer in your home office and still enjoy your favorite internet radio channel in the living room.

Looking for complete home automation for existing homes or new construction in New Jersey? Contact American Hi-Res today to discuss your premium quality NJ home entertainment options.

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Multi Room Audio System Design Company in New Jersey

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