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Runco 3D TV

Runco 3D Home Theater Revolution

3D Movies - Toy Story 33D at home has been a goal of the cinema industry for years, but for a variety of reasons, implementation has always been delayed.

Now with advanced technology and new approaches to 3D delivery, the possibilities are becoming endless. Runco 3D is helping to develop universal standards for residential 3D viewing and you can become a pioneer in its usage.

Join the growing population sharing in the excitement of 3D at home. With Runco 3D, you can enjoy the latest 3D movies in the comfort of home with friends and family gathered around your personalized home theater system.

What You Should Expect from 3D Technology at Home

3D Movies - AvatarRunco 3D is proud of its advancements in 3D technology and the resulting customer experience. The new age of 3D strives for images to contain low ghosting (blurriness), stereo video quality and more comfortable viewing.

No longer will you have to worry about long hours of visual distress caused by low light, flickering and the weight of old 3D glasses. Discomfort and dizziness from 3D viewing are a thing of the past as improvements are being made to the technology.

3D and 2D Performance

Runco 3D understands that it is critical for display resolution to include high-quality image processing, and that you need a quality television that won’t only provide you with excellent 3D quality but excellent 2D performance as well.

The Right 3D Screens

Screens with wide viewing angles and great contrast are important to getting the most out of your in-home 3D service. That will ensure everyone can see exceptional 3D imagery, no matter their seat or position. With Runco 3D and an American Hi-Res entertainment system you can fill up your media or family room with our selection of home theater seating comfortably and no one will be subjected to sub-par 3D viewing.

3D Compatibility

While the industry still battles with 3D compatibility and experts predict it won’t be entirely dependable until 2011, Runco 3D is compatible with:

  • Blu-Ray Disc
  • HDMI1.4
  • RealD
  • DirecTV
  • ESPN
  • IMAX 3D
  • Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

3D technology was developed to bring viewers into the story in a creative and vivid way. Now you can bring that excitement into the comfort of your New Jersey home and share it with those you love.

American Hi-Res also offers high-end home automation systems options and can discuss installation details including pre-wire new construction.

Contact the experts at American Hi-Res Audio Video and join the exciting residential 3D revolution.

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New Jersey Runco 3D for your Home Theater or Media Room

American Hi-Res Audio Video offers design, installation and service for Runco 3D System Design, Integration and Service in the following areas of NJ – Morris County, Bergen County, Somerset County, Ocean County, Sussex County, NJ, NY, CT. To learn more about the NJ Runco 3D System design and Installation process, Call us at 973-586-4410 or contact us today!

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